The Nordic Junior Macro Seminar Series

Jeppe Druedahl, Erik Öberg, and I are organizing the Nordic Junior Macro Seminar Series. The goal of the seminar series is to have a permanent platform for junior macroeconomists to present work in progress. We are aiming for a relatively fixed set of audience so that the atmosphere can be informal and constructive. The presentations are held bi-weekly.

Upcoming Presentations

  • June 14, 3-4 pm (CET): Sampreet Goraya presents "The Rise of Intangible Capital and the Macroeconomic Implications"

Past Presentations

    • May 31, 3-4 pm (CET): Axel Gottfries presents "Infrequent Wage Adjustment and Unemployment Dynamics"

    • May 19, 3-4 pm (CET): Maria Olsson presents "Monetary policy and the labor market: A case study from Sweden"

    • May 3, 3-4 pm (CET): Jonna Olsson presents "Subjective life expectancies, time preference heterogeneity and wealth inequality"

    • April 19, 3-4 pm (CET): Anna Grodecka-Messi presents "Mandatory Pension Savings and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from Denmark"

    • March 22, 3-4 pm (CET): Anna R. Picco presents "The Heterogeneous Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks: Microeconometric Evidence" (with N. Amberg, T. Jansson, and M. Klein)

    • February 24, 3-4 pm (CET): Helene Onshuus presents "Divorce and its consequences for household consumption and saving"

    • December 17, 9-10 am (CET): Patrick Moran presents "Breaking the Commitment Device: The Effect of Home Equity Withdrawal on Consumption, Saving, and Welfare "

    • December 3, 9-10 am (CET): Luca Neri presents "Estimation of continuous-time DSGE models from discrete measurements "

    • November 19, 9-10 am (CET): Saman Darougheh presents "Occupation-industry mismatch in the cross-section and the aggregate"

    • November 5, 9-10 am (CET): Alessandra Peter presents "Houses and Families across Countries " (with Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider)

    • October 22, 9-10 am (CET): Claes Bäckman presents "The Amortization Elasticity of Mortgage Demand"

    • October 8, 9-10 am (CET): Kasper Kragh-Sørensen presents "Mortgage Lending Standards: Implications for Consumption Dynamics" (with M. Karlman and K. Kinnerud)

    • September 24, 9-10 am (CET): Katja Mann presents "Structural change in the second machine age: Is automation sector-biased?”

    • September 10, 9-10 am (CET): Jose Elias Gallegos presents "HANK beyond FIRE"

    • August 27, 9-10 am (CET): Marius Ring presents "Wealth Taxation and Household Saving: Evidence from Assessment Discontinuities in Norway"

    • June 24, 3-4 pm (CET): Jeppe Druedahl presents "Temporary shocks and persistent demand driven recessions" (with T-Broer, K. Harmenberg, and E. Öberg)

    • June 10, 3-4 pm (CET): Christoph Hedtrich presents "Labor Market Dynamism and Job Polarization" (with J. Eeckhout and R. Pinheiro)

    • May 27, 3-4 pm (CET): Ragnar Juelsrud presents "Mortgage Regulation and Financial Vulnerability" (with K. A. Aastveit and E. G. Wold)

    • May 13, 3-4 pm (CET): Karl Harmenberg presents "Aggregating Heterogeneous-Agent Models with Permanent-Income Shocks"

    • April 29, 3-4 pm (CET): Martin B. Holm presents "The Transmission of Monetary Policy under the Microscope" (with P. Paul and A. Tischbirek)

    • April 15, 3-4 pm (CET): Erik Öberg presents "The Fiscal Mulitplier: A Heterogeneous-Agent Perspective" (with T. Broer and P. Krusell)

Zoom. We are using Zoom and a link will be distributed a couple of days prior to the seminar. The microphone will be open during the presentation so that anyone in the audience can ask questions at any time. The slot is 1 hour, but the presentation should be short enough to allow plenty of room for questions and discussions.

Sign-up and presenting. We are organizing everything through a google sheet. If you want to get email notifications and participate in the seminars, add your name, affiliation, and e-mail to the list of participations. If you have ongoing work that you want to present, find an empty date on the seminar list and write an e-mail to Jeppe Druedahl, Erik Õberg, or me.