Work in Progress

Saving Behavior Across the Wealth Distribution: The Importance of Capital Gains

with Andreas Fagereng, Benjamin Moll, and Gisle J. Natvik [May 2021]

Slides, Online Appendix

Revise & resubmit Review of Economic Studies

Asset-Price Redistribution

with A. Fagereng, É. Gouin-Bonenfant, M. Gomez, B. Moll, and G. J. Natvik [Jul 2022]

A Parsimonious Model of Idiosyncratic Income

with Edmund Crawley and Håkon Tretvoll [Mar 2022]

The Slope of the Phillips Curve with Diminishing Returns to Scale in Production

with Lars Olav Lerdalen [Dec 2021]

Revise & resubmit Oxford Economic Papers

How Does Monetary Policy Affect Household Indebtedness?

with Andreas Fagereng, Magnus Gulbrandsen, and Gisle J. Natvik [Apr 2022]

K-returns to Education

with Andreas Fagereng, Luigi Guiso, and Luigi Pistaferri [May 2021]

Identifying the Depreciation Rate of Durables from Marginal Spending Responses

with Jin Cao, Chao Cui, Valeriya Dinger, and Shulong Kang [May 2022]

Being presented/soon-to-be working papers:

Monetary Policy under Demographic Transitions

with SeHyoun Ahn

Saving after Retirement and Preferences for Residual Wealth

with Giulio Fella and Thomas M. Pugh

The Spending Effects of Dividend Tax News Shocks

with Rustam Jamilov and Plamen Nenov

Investment Cycles and Monetary Policy

with J. Cao, T. Hegna, R. Juelsrud, T. König, and M. Riiser


Norges Bank Watch 2022

with Kjersti Haugland and Sharon Zollner

Drivkrefter bak lav etterspørsel i økonomien

Statistics Norway Reports 2020/32, 2020

with O. Berg, T. v. Brasch, Å. Cappelen, A. Raknerud, H. Tretvoll, and T. C. Vigtel

Restrictions on Wave Equations for Passive Media

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2017

with Sverre Holm

Effekten av inntektsusikkerhet på husholdningenes sparing i Norge etter finanskrisen

Samfunnsøkonomen, 2015